Preston Croshaw


I was born and raised in Utah in a large family with six siblings. It was in my early years I developed a love for learning and knowledge. My parents had a set of encyclopedias that I would often pull out and read large sections on animals, planets, or places. I now own that same set of encyclopedias as a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge is truly a worthy endeavor. I attended high school in Springville, Utah and took part in such activities as band, orchestra, theatre, and soccer. I then went on a two year LDS mission to São Paulo Brazil. There I learned to speak Portuguese and have since used that foundation to learn the very closely-related language of Spanish. I then returned and attended Utah State University where I studied science and graduated with a BS in 2017. I have been married since 2012 and am the father of 3 little girls. I love spending time with my family playing games, reading books, and teaching my girls nerdy things. Being a Dad is one of my greatest joys and I make a pretty mean chicken quesadilla too. I enjoy reading, playing and listening to music, observing astronomical objects through my telescope and learning. If you get stuck in a conversation with me about rockets, biological processes, or the future of technology; buckle up, you might be there for a while. Science is my passion and I love every facet of understanding the universe. I also have a great love for the performing arts and feel that Pioneer High School is a perfect fit for this combination. I look forward to teaching about the beauty of science and critical thinking!