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The Music Academy provides students with highly specialized and rigorous musical training that gives them the foundation, tools and experience needed to excel in a career as a musician. To this end training emphasizes music theory, classical and jazz music.

Master Classes & Master Instruction

Students regularly participate in master classes with industry leaders and receive real-world instruction, an insiders experience to the dynamics and know-how of the industry.

Creative Collaboration

Students participate in performance ensembles and songwriting with fellow students to develop creativity, an understanding of the dynamics of performance and musicianship, and the technical knowledge of orchestration.

Prowess through Performance

Understanding is deepened and enriched through the study of music history and culture, music technology and the music business. Students apply training and sharpen technique through performance opportunities throughout the year. Performances include peer reviews, recitals, and public and private showcases in ensemble and solo formats.

The academy experience deeply immerses its musicians in a conservatory style program that promotes the musical intelligence and potential of each student. Students gain the educational, social, and emotional foundation necessary to embark on successful, professional careers.