School Community Council Program

Report to Parents on the School LAND Trust Program
By October 20th each year, we must submit names and emails of our PHS Charter Trust Land Council. Our PHS Charter Trust Land Council, consisting of a two-person majority of parents with PHS staff members, determines where our School LAND Trust Program money will be spent. This money is intended to fulfill our most critical academic needs in order to have a direct impact on the instruction of students and result in measurable increased student performance.

Last year our Trust Land allotment was approximately $22,000. With that money last year’s Trust Land Council decided and voted to use the money to install equipment for our own on site Concurrent Enrollment classroom and to pay for a classroom proctor. This classroom, located at our academic campus, provides a way for PHS students to enroll in classes, which give both high school and college credit. Providing this resource also fulfills our charter school goal of administering early college courses to a high percentage of PHS students by their senior year.

A PHS parent serves as chair or cochair of a council that prepares a plan for the use of School LAND Trust Program money. Prior to March 15th yearly, this council meets to identify the schools greatest academic needs, recommends an action plan to meet the needs, outlines how the School LAND Trust funds will be used, votes to approve the School Plan, and sends the School Plan to the charter board for their confirming vote. After completing the above steps, the School Plan must be entered on the school LAND Trust website prior to March 15th.

Expectations of PHS Charter Trust Land Council:
The council, consisting of a two-parent majority along with PHS staff members, will vote for parent chairs and cochairs. The parent chair will conduct the meetings by following very simplified rules of parliamentary procedure, will make assignments, will determine the meeting dates, and will assure that the meeting agenda and past meeting minutes are posted on the school website one week in advance of the meeting and that the meetings are audio-recorded by the council secretary. Meetings are open to the public.

Council members are expected to complete a School LAND Trust Program training either through attending a scheduled meeting or viewing training online. 
The Trust Land Council will need to meet all posted deadlines in order to receive their allotted School LAND Trust Program money.

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