Tara Allen

Social Studies

I am one of the Social Studies teachers at Pioneer High School. I grew up in Utah County and went to school at Southern Utah University where I earned a Bachelors of Arts in History Education. Since graduating from SUU, I have taken classes and become endorsed to teach a variety of Social Studies courses and received certification to teach Financial Literacy. I have loved teaching at Pioneer and love watching students who are passionate about performing arts! 

I am a very visual learner and love to use pictures and videos to help students understand new ideas and concepts because that is how I learn best. I also try to use a variety of assignments and lectures to reach all the different types of learners. 

I spend a lot of my spare time reading- all kinds of genres from biographies, fantasy, to books about psychology. I also love to travel and I like to think it helps me gain 'field experience' for teaching Geography for Life