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The Theatre Academy integrates the disciplines of film, stage and vocal performance training for the theatre. This interdisciplinary approach prepares students to be conversant across disciplines resulting in a well-rounded performer. Students are exposed to professional standards and training by professionals in the industry who themselves are graduates in the theatre arts with professional credentials on TV, theatre and film. 

A Multi-level Curriculum

The academy has a multi-level curriculum that caters to the skill level of each student. A high level of commitment is required of students that emphasizes individual growth while building ensemble, critical thinking, creativity, confidence, and proficiency across the operational aspects of theatrical productions.

Prepared through Performance

Training is polished through regular performance opportunities. Students engage in peer and parent reviews, compete at the Shakespeare competition, and also participate in Utah High School Activities Association competitions for region and state. This is in addition to productions that students participate in offered by PHS. Instruction and performance opportunities reinforce the development of a complete performer.

Prepared for Career and Academic Opportunities

The course of study provides a multi-dimensional experience that captures the breath and depth of theatre as an art form and exposes students to cutting-edge concepts in theatre. Upon completion of the PHS experience students are prepared to enter into a professional acting career, compete for scholarships and opportunities for college, university or conservatory, and provide students with many career choices related to and not limited to theatre, production, script writing, and directing.